&headingColor=B8AD79&hoverColor=28496C&defaultColor=999999&feedUrl=http://www.gritathletics.com/events/?feed=rss2&mainTitle=news & events – Grit Athletics | Youth Wrestling | Youth Track & Field | Running | Fort Collins, Colorado&totalItems=6&title1=Summer Slam Camp Series: Ages 5-8&description1=Location:  GRIT Facility 846 SE Frontage Road, Fort Collins 80524 Cost %26#8211; $100 per session OR $250 for All 3 sessions Take Down: Ages 5-8 May 27 %26#8211; 30 4:00 %26#8211; 5:00 pm Wrestler will focus on stance, motion, and take downs. Escapes: Ages 5-8 June 24-27 5:00 %26#8211; 6:00 pm Wrestlers will learn the [%26#8230;]&link1=http://gritathletics.com/summer-slam-camp-series-ages-5-8/&title2=2019 Middle School State Prep Camp&description2=2019 Middle School State Prep Camp Folkstyle Grades: 6th-8th 3/7- 3/26 Tuesday %26#38; Thursday Time: 4:30 %26#8211; 6:00 PM Cost: $90 %26#160; No Refund Policy! Payment is made for the entire session; not individual practices. %26#160;&link2=http://gritathletics.com/2019-middle-school-prep/&title3=Freestyle %26#038; Greco 2019&description3=Location: 846 SE Frontage Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80524 High School Ages 14-18 Registration Open! Required: 2 years HS wrestling and/or minimum 4 total years of wrestling This is not a beginner wrestler environment. Monday,Wednesday %26#38; Thursday 6:30 – 8:00 pm March 13 – June 27 Monday and Wednesday Only:   March 13th %26#8211; March 27th [%26#8230;]&link3=http://gritathletics.com/grit-athletics-wrestling-club-spring-session/&title4=&description4=November 17th, 2018 Poudre HS Contact: Bill Greenwood 970-219-6215 Bernadette Greenwood 970-219-6214 gritathleticscolorado@gmail.com&link4=http://gritathletics.com/1640-2/&title5=Slow Cooking!&description5=GRIT athlete, Owen Lamb, is a Redshirt Sophomore at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, CO %26#160; It has taken some time, but slow cooked meals are always the best.  We have been cooking with a good recipe in the GRIT room for 10 years now and it turns out the end product is [%26#8230;]&link5=http://gritathletics.com/slow-cooking/&title6=High School Wrestling Anyone?&description6=GRIT%26#8217;s High School Preseason training starts on September 3rd.  That%26#8217;s right, we always love to labor on Labor Day!  GRIT is proud to be represented at the high school level by such a diverse group.  During the Freestyle/Greco season we had 10 different high schools represented in the GRIT room.  This says a lot about [%26#8230;]&link6=http://gritathletics.com/high-school-wrestling-anyone/